Crochet Paw Print Coaster/Doily

Paw Print Coaster and Doily

This paw print coaster and doily should have at home for decoration. Especially for those who love animals very much, or if you don’t have a pet, you can replace it with a heart or a star. It is very simple to crochet and very practical. You can crochet with several different designs and entertain guests in this way, which will definitely attract their attention. It is specifically crocheted for a cup of coffee and tea, however you can crochet a larger size to place a plate that is very beautiful and amazing. Share your experience with us!

Crochet Paw Print Coaster and Doily

Crochet Paw Coaster Doily Tutorial – Here

Crochet Paw Print Coaster

Free Video Instructions:

Source:AmiaMikancl Crochet

2 Responses

  1. This Paw print coaster and doily I would like to make, but I need a written pattern. Is there one available? I dont work well with just video. Thanks,

  2. Hi,
    By any chance do you have a pattern for 4 paws coaster in 4 paws?
    I do not know how I could do 5 paws instead of 4?!!
    Please help if could.
    Thank you in advance

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