Let’s Stay Home DIY Graphic Sweatpants

graphic sweatpants

Look how amazing sweatpants are. This ultra-soft pair at Target recently and designed to upgrade them to those fun DIY graphic sweatpants using two colors of iron-on vinyl. using a simple block letter font, the contrasting colors make the text really pop off the side of the pants. The “let’s stay home” saying was perfect at this moment. Keep reading for the fast DIY!
Let's Stay Home DIY Graphic Sweatpants



  • Sweatpants
  • Iron-on vinyl, two complimenting shades
  • Cricut Standard Grip Mat
  • Scissors
  • Weeding tool
  • Iron

Step 1: Add text within the Cricut Design Center or similar software. Choose your text style and adjust the dimensions to suit along the side of your sweatpants. Mine is approximately 15 inches long.

Step 2: Duplicate the text but change the colour . this may allow you to make a popping effect with the vinyl and cut two separate colors.

Note, my personal preference is to “attach” each word together but not the whole saying.

Step 3: Click “make it.” confirm the slider is turned to “mirror.” Cut the saying out twice – one from each color – with the shiny side of the vinyl down on the mat.

diy graphic sweatpants 4

Step 4: Once cut, use scissors and a weeding tool to clean up the letters. Cut each one out as a separate piece.

diy graphic sweatpants 5

Step 5: Lay the background color (pink in my case) on the side seam of the sweatpants. You don’t need to layer two colors to form these graphic sweatpants, but i feel it makes the letters begin more. Press with an iron or Cricut EasyPress. Then remove the plastic to reveal the vinyl letters.

diy graphic sweatpants 6

Step 6: Then place the top color of vinyl on top to create this layered 3D look. Press again and remove the plastic.

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