Rainbow Tie Dye Blondies Recipe

Rainbow Tie Dye Blondies Recipe

Get ready to feature a touch rainbow tie dye blondies recipe to your life! These hand dye blondies are a literal bite of a rainbow, and that they were a true treat for our camping trip last weekend. Rainbow blondies are a simple treat to form with none special tools (no mixer needed!) and therefore the fun hand dye look gives me major 90s vibes. Trust me, these rainbow hand dye blondies will have you ever questioning your love of classic brownies. Don’t worry though, you’ll love both equally!
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People are always a touch confused about what rainbow tie dye blondies recipe are, but it’s actually quite simple: blondies are vanilla (and sometimes a touch chocolate , like these!) and brownies are chocolate. Blondies can actually be more versatile, in my opinion, because they’re sometimes made with sugar or chocolate to completely change the flavour .

In the case of those hand dye blondies, i exploit a really bit of chocolate to offer the blondies a richness and creaminess. If you don’t like chocolate though, haven’t any fear! There isn’t enough chocolate in these blondies to offer them a real chocolate flavor. Andrew is that the key – he liked the hand dye blondies albeit he really dislikes white chocolate!

OK, are you disgusted me talking about these rainbow blondies yet? That’s fair. If you opt you don’t want to taste the rainbow, that’s OK too! Some people are purists. you’ll skip the rainbow and bake them as traditional blondies, and they’ll be equally delicious. Plus, you’ll mix in your favorite add-ins like nuts and sprinkles! Personally, i prefer them as-is, but sprinkles make everything better.

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